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     PT. GAIATRI LINTAS NUSANTARA merupakan salah satu ISP (Internet Service Provider) dalam bahasa indonesia yang berarti penyedia jasa internet.

        Kebutuhan koneksi internet sekarang semakin tinggi sehingga PT GAIATRI hadir untuk menjangkau melintasi nusantara untuk menjangkau daerah-daerah yang masih jarang akan konektifitas yang stabil.

      Seperti Taglinenya Gaiatri merupakan perusahaan yang Flexible And Reliable. Flexible  yang berarti Gaiatri akan menjangkau dan melayani customenya dimana saja dan kapan saja, dan Reliable yang berarti Gaiatri selalu siap di berbagai waktu dan juga dapat di andalkan

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Predictive Analytics for Maintenance Events

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You can contact our emergency contact to report any disturbances that occur in your network, and we will serve you quickly and wholeheartedly.


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PT. GAIATRI LINTAS NUSANTARA is a well-known company in East Java. which is a company engaged in Information Technology, especially as a provider of internet services

Internet connection

Gaiatri collaborates with several leading vendors in Indonesia so that the speed and stability of PT GAYATRI's internet connection is no longer in doubt


Stable and Fast Broadband Internet Service for home, and internet cafe with connection speed up to 100 Mbps.

data center

VPS, Dedicated Server, Colocation Server services with Tier-1 multi upstream providers in East Java.

stable connection

Prisma Dedicated Internet is a premium class internet access service with a stable connection and a symmetrical Public Static IP.

What Our Clients Say

what our clients say after ordering and subscribing to our company

After I used the services of PT GAIATRI LINTAS NUSANTARA, the business that I manage is progressing rapidly
Margaret Curtis​
Real Estate Developer
I am very satisfied with the 24/7 service and always respond quickly to help with network handling
Matthew Fox​
Development Company
I am a person who really values ​​time, I will choose a service provider who responds quickly and repairs quickly
John Doe